How to Create Value Based Selling Assessment Tools to Quickly Fill Your Pipe  Line… AND Close Your Next High Ticket Program

How to Create Value Based Selling Assessment Tools to Quickly Fill Your Pipe Line… AND Close Your Next High Ticket Program

The goal of Education Based Selling is to make your prospective clients smarter. This is the key to marketing in the Recommendation Age or Advisory Age in which we now live. The rules have changed and you absolutely must be aware of this if you want to thrive as a high paid expert.

The reality in today’s post-information age is that the typical sales and marketing strategies that once worked, have limited effectiveness today, and worst, positions you from weakness (looking needy) and not strength. In reality, your prospects do NOT want to be sold anything. But they do want to buy!

There is a huge difference.

Popular sales’ strategies and systems do nothing but automatically put the entrepreneur in a ‘begging’ position today. This is the situation faced by most businesses where they rely on typical sale’s methods which focus on ‘pushing’ their prospective clients to buy their products or services. The focus is on YOUR products/services…You selling them something…you ‘pushing’ at your potential customers. This is the wrong focus.

Instead, the best method should focus on building a relationship. This focus will have the automatic benefit of placing you in the ‘power’ position ‘pulling’ your potential clients to you. Education Based Marketing is the ultimate way to approach sales. This type of education will allow you to frame your advice in ways your competitors do not. This method stresses the importance of focusing on strategically educating your target audience to WANT and BEG to do business with you. This type of selling and marketing ‘pulls’ your potential clients to you.

“Creating a sale’s conversation process is much easier if you focus on ‘teaching’ your target market to desire you.”
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The spotlight is on THEIR problem (not your products and services)…Them purchasing something (Not you selling them something)…you ‘PULLING’ your target market to YOU as their trusted advisor.

This is where the power of value-based assessment tools can really assist you to convert prospective clients into your programs and services.

As I mentioned, one of the most powerful ways to ‘pull’ your ideal candidates to you is to use value-based assessment tools designed to do just that…There’s a price to pay if you want to make things better, a price to pay just for leaving things as they are, a price for everything. Understanding how to frame your value is the best strategy you can implement in your advice-based business immediately if you want to stop undervaluing your services and begin to really attract a flood of new business.

Key Outcomes:

  • Use Education-Based-Marketing (EBM) to design assessment tools to instruct your potential clients to sell themselves to want to do business with you.
  •  Educate potential clients to measure and evaluate their current behavior and results based on you as an expert advisor using Value Based Selling (VBS) assessment instruments.
  • Constrain how you teach and train with VBS

In education, assessments tools measure progress AND evaluative tools assign grades based on results.

It’s really important to distinguish this difference.

Types of assessment tools can both measure progress and evaluate results if designed properly. An example of this would be the ‘SWOT’ Assessment which allows any entrepreneur to quickly evaluate both internal (strengths/weaknesses) and external (opportunities/threats) factors as an introductory method to create your competitive intelligence.

Assessment tools can be 1. self-evaluating; 2. fact finding; 3. problem-solving; 4. benchmarking; and, 5. deal closing. Assessment tools which incorporate all five of these components can become a very powerful conversion-process and has allowed hundreds of my clients to transform their businesses: all because they have a more strategic way to get potential candidates to ‘use’ their advice. At the same time, you can become much more influential with how you teach and train allowing you to showcase your ROI in the context that is meaningfully different from your competitors.

When working with my clients, I teach that  Evaluations should always be done in the context of bench-marking your competitive advantage.

 “Evaluations should always be done in the context of bench-marking your competitive advantage.” Tweet this Quote

By creating your own assessment tools properly, you can become the benchmark or the ‘standard’ for your industry. In business, it’s best to create assessment instruments to measure candidates’ progress for key indicators which reflect what you assist clients in accomplishing. (i.e. The results they are after.)

Assessment instruments can be super-charged into powerful evaluative tools by allowing potential clients to address their behaviors (indicators) against what your competitors fail to do (the ‘GAP’ in the marketplace), and ALSO allow potential clients to measure their progress against the ROI that you deliver.

When you do this properly, you prevent yourself from being locked into charging low-end fees! Plus you can quickly begin to ‘flip’ the sales’ process and have clients vet themselves to you.

What Defines a Great VBS Business Assessment Instrument?
(10 Recommendations)

Here are a few thoughts on assisting you in creating your own business assessment instrument.

A properly designed VBS assessment tool should do the following:

1.) Lead to an accurate evaluation of the state of your potential clients (with respect to problems they need to understand) versus where they want to go. (The ROI they want.)
2.) Intensify your influence.
3.) Compel your potential candidates to do something−−Engage with your line of questioning which will allow them to come to their own logical conclusions, which you shape.
4.) Guide potential leads in a step-by-step process to desire your premium priced programs.
5.) Increase perception which will focus on framing you as a trusted authority.
6.) Create the proper ‘context’ by asking questions which allow you to control the ‘conversation’ and frame your results.
7.) Further the sale’s process by educating prospective clients to clearly see the ROI you provide.
8.) Flip your business funnel and position a high end program or service.
9.) Pull potential candidates to your offer.
10.) Elevate your training to communicate your competitive advantage directed toward you highlighting the gap in the marketplace.

In conclusion, a great Value Based Selling assessment instrument provides you the kind of influence that other experts don’t have.

“A great Value Based Selling assessment instrument provides you the kind of influence that other experts don’t have.” Tweet this Quote

You are framing your competitive advantage in a way to ensure potential candidates buy from you.

It’s sort of like going into a candy shop and allowing customers to sample some of the treats sold. These potential customers participate willingly and the experience leads them to want more!

Your VBS assessment tool will allow you to transform your conversion process with the kind of trust that compels candidates to come to your ‘store’ and want to purchase from you. With so many experts, speakers, coaches and consultants struggling to sell more of their services, you will be on the fast-track to shaping you and your business as indispensable to your candidates.

Glenn Dietzel is the creator of a New Guru Model for business owners, professionals and entrepreneurial CEOs who want to command maximum fees and royalties as an ‘expert advisor‘ for their advice using an accelerated system.  Glenn has assisted thousands of clients with several hundred documented video case studies all who use his ‘speed-to-market‘ processes to create expert advisory streams of income which are passive, long term, and cumulative.

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