Free Power Session With Glenn Dietzel (and His Clients): A Business Coaching Case Study #4,311

NOTE: Join my clients on this FREE 30 Minute Business Power Session on Wednesday. You will meet John, a dedicated father, who is able to close deals from $8,000 to $15,000 leveraging this principle. Of course he has made the intelligent decision to stop working harder and act smarter. Get the details below.

John StuckenOne of the biggest problems I see entrepreneurs having is the inability to change their habits.

You might have read that ‘people form habits, and habits create our futures.’

What you might not realize is that mentoring is crucial to forming the right habits.

Habits are even more powerful than desires, if you know how to program your mind properly.

When it comes to successful entrepreneurship, here is a business acceleration principle that will allow you to move faster than your competitors.

Accelerated success in business happens when you focus on doing what failing entrepreneurs don’t do.

If you want to speed up your confidence in business—we all do, right?—I want to assist you to make this a reality beginning right now.

Make a commitment to do three things: Focus on what others 1. don’t do; 2. can’t do; or 3. unwilling to do.

This is so important I want you to write this concept down. (Remember this Speed-to-Market principle, ‘writing is the doing part of thinking.’) Incidentally, this is why my clients refer to me as the “Results’ Coach” because I focus on building cash flow with my clients.

In case you don’t know this, my father was a CPA, and he constantly talked about businesses being asset-rich, but cash flow poor.

Let’s put an end to this right now. I want to introduce you to one of my clients, John.

Imagine spending just over $156,000 on your business (Yes, John has spent money with countless ‘experts’ who failed to focus on the core of what creates true success in business—cash flow!), but getting little to no return on the money spent.

That all changed, when John began working directly with me as a Case Study–Just like all of my clients do.

In fact, I want to personally invite you to a 30 minute Power Session with my clients. You can attend for free as part of our mentoring alliance.


Marketing Strategy Power Session with Glenn Dietzel & John Stuckenschneider (Client Case Study #4,311)

FREE 30 Minute Power Session

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Who else in the coaching industry provides your free access to a training event like this–and with my clients? This is one of the reasons entrepreneurs make the intelligent decision to play big, and use our predictable and secure processes to assist them to play a big game right out of the blocks!

To Accelerated Profits!

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