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What makes the OMEGA MIND Business Acceleration System Totally Revolutionary?

The ultimate source of business acceleration which provides you access to EVERYTHING you need to structure high end coaching and consulting deals that is NOT dependent on convoluted business funnels, opt-in webpages or even having a website for that matter.

Finally…you are going to have the most advanced business acceleration system to out-strategize your top competitors and experts in your industry.


You are going to get Glenn’s EXACT game plan on how to create your own highly leveraged certification and co-branding business model so you can IMMEDIATELY play at the highest level in business.

Here are just few of the things you’ll discover as part of the OMEGA MIND Community of High Performing Entrepreneurs who also meet at The Canadian Lake Home:

  • How to structure high end programs and services using Glenn’s proprietary system.
  • How to increase the financial power of your advice to close your first high end deal immediately using the power of a few stealth marketing weapons, known as ABPs (Advisory-Based Products).
  • How to turn deal structuring into your own certification and co-branding program. (No one in your industry is doing this today.)
  • How to pitch B-to-B (Business to Business) deals that position you to attract strategic alliances with other companies and automatically win you more B-to-C (Business to Consumer) deals.
  • Case study templates that allow you to model successful deals from origination to completion so you can create the fastest traction. (This is exactly how Glenn and his clients have risen to the top of their industries—and you are going to be able to do this even faster!)

Again, welcome to the OMEGA MIND Community.

I look forward to accelerating your journey and dominating your market place.

You probably will want to click (Do-You-Qualify) to see if this is a right fit for you and begin your accelerated journey into an entirely new expert platform where you trump your competition quickly.

We offer the following New Guru Model business acceleration programs to assist you to streamline the learning curve and grow your business in ‘Speed-to-Market’ fashion:



Here’s Why My Clients Invest In Our Proven & Measurable Systems:

To Replicate What I Have Done Will Cost You From $2.5 to $3Mil.


Step 1:

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Access the free multi-media training to get you started on building your Advisory Platform
using the power of the New Guru Model Multi-Media Training.

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