A Business Client Did This Totally Behind My Back.

How would you like clients to do this to you?

Businessman Backflip in Winter MountainsOne of my clients, Brian Duvall, wrote a short blog post on me back in November. I didn’t realize he did this until recently. Someone who was on a recent Google Hangout pointed out that they did an extensive background check on me and wanted to hire me on the spot.

If you want access to what has happened to Brian you should watch the video below. He did something highly strategic.

What struck me about the short post that Brian wrote was that he was totally honest about what he was struggling with.

If you too are struggling with strategic positioning and creating leverage for your business, then don’t get discouraged.

Brian and thousands of others are sick of the bad advice about starting and growing an intelligent business. An intelligent business is one that allows you to position yourself and your company to close deals quickly. And the kind of deals that Brian is closing today are absolutely shocking.

Brian is a representative of many of my clients who make strategic shifts in their positioning, and immediately create the kind of status and influence that gets clients coming to them!

Suppose you knew how to educate your prospective clients to do the same—how much more easily would that make growing your company?

I struggled for two and a half years so I can tell you first hand that it was painful not to know how to create strategic positioning and leverage for myself.

So what did Brian learn to do?

Brian learned to ‘FLIP IT’!

Watch the video below—I shot if from the Deck Of The Canadian Lake Home.

I am here to assist you and make starting and scaling your business much easier and faster!

To Accelerated Profits!

Your Mentor,



Here’s How To Flip It!
Watch This Video Now Shot From
The Canadian Lake Home

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