Why I have gone underground? (personal from Glenn Dietzel)

This is a long post so just a quick heads up.

It’s also very personal and includes a powerful exercise to realize your real value in the market place.

Many people have been inquiring why they don’t hear much from me anymore.

In fact a popular question directed to me is this…“Glenn, where have you been?”

And here’s my quick answer…I have gone underground and basically have inserted my IP into other company’s brands…using the power of co-branding.

You see, with all the noise in the market place today, I truly believe the greatest opportunities for any expert, coach and consultant who wants to create a true ROIT (Return-On-Invested-Time) business, you must think precisely on how you can leverage your company’s IP without being held hostage to trading time for money.

This means having a business model which allows you to grow yourself personally as you also scale your business is essential.

Here is something I highly recommend you do if you feel trapped following so many ‘experts’ and doing the typical ‘expert’ thing like creating convoluted business funnels, working hard to try and get leads, trying to prove to potential clients you are worth what you charge et cetera…

This is an exercise I do regularly… and again just recently I did it one more time.

Write yourself a letter and list the specialized skills you have developed through your life’s training from the ‘School of Hard Knocks’.

Write this letter and the print it out. This is the foundation for your IP.

Now, you need to choose a business model (I personally believe co-branding is the way to go to succeed and thrive in 2016 and beyond) and then you need to become really good at marketing and selling it your advice positioned as an expert advisor.

Below is my latest letter and is a summary of my greatest strengths. I write this letter with the view of focusing on ROI and ROIT toward potential strategic alliance partners who can open up hundreds of new markets for my advice because I know they have many problem areas in their business that I can address.

Here is my last letter, written after a training event I conducted with a client in New York City. NOTE: The letter is written to a strategic alliance partner and clearly articulates my value. I highly suggest you do the same.

Glenn’s Sample Letter…And Something for You to Model

I had a break in the action today with a training event that went a lot shorter than expected so I put the following together for you.

It was really nice to speak with you on Monday, and I am glad we could meet so quickly given that our schedules are very busy.

As per our discussion, I am listing some of the templated systems that I have created that I can assist you with wrt sales/fulfillment. These systems allow me to literally drop a business owner’s IP into them to assist them with creating, selling and fulfilling high priced programs in a DFY and/or DWY format.

I have a lot of unleveraged IP that I have developed over the years that I am vetting a few potential high level strategic alliances or one partner during 2016 in addition to those I am currently working with.

Here is a list of some of the templates which could provide you some really great momentum if we were to create a strategic alliance. As I mentioned I am very careful who I ‘partner’ with as you can appreciate yourself I know.

This is some of what I have created over the past 12+ years.

My core competencies are creating advanced training, coaching and sale’s processes.

I have our own business acceleration training and certification program that I would like to partner with or allow one partner to use under their brand which would also allow for royalties. There is no one in the market place that I know of who uses a model like this.

I have been busy being hired to assist other entrepreneurial leaders to create their own programs, and haven’t had time to leverage my own properly as I mentioned.

Anyways, I am downsizing and looking at consolidating so I can effectively use my skills to assist someone who has the same vision.

Some of the assets I have created also include my own app for virtual training (available for all mobile devices and might be a great fit for you).

Here is a quick list of just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of tools, processes and systems I have created (from my speaker site)…


12 key assets/tools which every Expert Advisor should have to clearly leverage the new realities of the post-information age in which we now live:

1. 30 second and 2 minute pitch formula for communicating one’s competitive advantage.

2. An Ideation (3M) Process which clearly differentiates a company and actually builds a USP in a step-by-step manner ensuring a perfect message-to-market match.

3. A 10 step consultative process which is templated and mapped directly to the latest in brain science and Neuro-Linguistic messaging so candidates for your programs will want to work with you and not shop around.

4. A vetting process which allows business owners to invert their business funnel and sale’s process and instead have clients selling themselves to work with you.

5. A pitch process developed specifically for the coaching and consulting industry and experts who sell intangible services. (As I mentioned, uniquely designed for coaches/consultants/experts)

6. A scientifically based strategy to ensure a company’s message is never, ever forgotten… but most importantly remembered with 100% certainty and precision framed clearly against any perceived competitors.

7. Keynote Riches Training — How to create a keynote speech which creates an instant 7+ figure business.

8. Presentation templates/scripts for delivering messages during live events, Google Hangouts, webinars, board room, in person over coffee etc. This includes a specific detailed process for how to present under specific circumstances including…keynote/seminar/mastermind/&webinar scenarios. This is crucial for leveraging the differences in how people ‘attend’ under different conditions and how to integrate inductive/deductive/abductive messaging.

9. Executive Summary/Assessment Tools which flip the sale’s process and speed up the conversion time leveraging EBM (Education-Based-Marketing) and VBS (Value-Based-Selling).

10. Interview Client Action Plan/The Ultimate Offer Formula(TM) to build the three types of data (product/problem/feedback-marketing) to grow and scale a company. The latter two types are crucial in understanding the precise way to message.

11. Personal and company branding for maximum leverage.

12. A coaching model which creates an ROIT business so business owners are not held hostage to their business model. This includes macro-business strategies like Coaching & Co-Branding™ and Mastermind Monitizer™ and how to deliver coaching confidently inside of five coaching models. Each of these systems developed using accelerated teaching as the foundation for rapid transformation and speed-to-market execution.

Potential Exclusive Partnership on the following:

1.  Coaching and Co-Branding program I have created. It’s a system designed to assist coaches, consultants,  trainers, speakers, authors, experts… to command top fees for coaching and training/certification programs and then create two types of royalties with their own co-branding or private white label coaching programs. (This is not licensing and not franchising and I wouldn’t advocate either of these for anyone today in the coaching, consulting and training industry.)

The Competitive Advantage (CA) of this is that no one is teaching this today and puts us in front of a huge trend teaching others to clone themselves.

2. I also have my own coaching and co-branding program for my own company. We could easily rebrand it and amalgamate it with some of your systems, and I run this for you including selling and training it.

This would give you your own highly leveraged certification and training program.

The CA of this is that you have a highly leveraged certification program that no one else has and other royalty streams of income for your company.

With respect to (2) above, I haven’t had any time to grow as big as I want as my focus has been in (1) as per above.

This is the accumulation of my 12+ years and around 13,000 hours devising these kinds of macro business systems as I mentioned earlier.

I have also created hundreds of micro business processes including assessment instruments, software that creates customized free reports all designed to help entrepreneur close deals faster.

Here is one of my sites…


Here is the login and password we have provided the media…


You can look at just a few of my systems… this site is designed around four programs as you will see.

Each of the programs are then organized around Action Guides, Action Plans and Action Templates. For example, look at Quick Home Business Profits™ or The Ultimate Offer Formula™ to see the level of sophistication.

I have tons of tools, processes, systems, blue prints like this. The above site is just a tiny sampling. This is an example of what I train coaches, consultants, trainers etc in.

My private client site is http://SellHighPricedPrograms.com/private_client which would be available for co-branding.

That should further the conversation.

Let me know what you want to do for next steps.

As I mentioned I am in a fortunate position to be very choosing as I look for the right partner and have selected a few potential candidates. Perhaps this will turn into something exclusive between you and me, or perhaps you want to buy me out and you retain me to run this for you within your company (:>))… I am open to engage our discussions deeper and more meaningfully.

What I can tell you is that it will be hard to find someone with my expertise when it comes to coaching, training, speaking and sales.  As you know the skills of making it in business and teaching others to be successful are completely separate…AND I believe you and me have some potentially great synergy here. This is certainly one of my critical competitive advantages as I am a teacher by passion and training.




There you have it!

This exercise is intended to be very personal. It has also made me multiple millions of dollars… ‘Writing is the doing part of thinking.

Here are five recommendations (PLUS a huge BONUS one) to make your letter more powerful and you much more sellable:

  1. Find a quiet location where you can self-reflect… ‘He/she who self reflects the greatest controls market places in today’s advisory age.
  2. Physically write as this is a more kinesthetic way of activating your
    sub-conscious mind… ‘The gateway to personal transformation begins
    with pen and paper.
  3. As you write, keep your eye on the results you provide in the context of a specific demographic of client and/or strategic partner. Identify this client/strategic alliance to constrain your thinking… ‘You look within for value and without for perspective.
  4. Write in the present tense. The mind only truly operates in the present… however, for context remember the following… ‘You reflect ON the past, IN the present, FOR the future.
  5. Chunk or organize your advice into ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ results. By starting with the ‘macro’ you inspire the recipients to engage with your ‘idea’ and tie this into the trend in your industry as you see it… ‘Big ideas become bigger when they are consumed by trends tied to momentum.

BONUS: Always, always, always write your letter from a thesis perspective… in other words,‘what are you attempting to prove?’ This will focus your clarity and the precision of your thinking as your write your letter… ‘Think FROM an idea
TOWARD a thesis.

Enjoy the process…AND the results!

Perhaps our paths will cross in the ‘underground’ world of those who understand and grow their business using co-branding as the ultimate way to leverage your advice. I truly believe it’s the fastest way to create partnerships, royalties and expert profit centers in today’s overcrowded and noisy market place.



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  1. Thank you Glenn.
    At the end of the year I always develop my business plan for the new year. Like you I have developed tonnes of IP and it is just sitting on the shelves in front of me.

    Your guidance on how to approach this is timely and as always full of real actionable value.

    I will be action your think from an idea toward a thesis for my letter.

    Perhaps we will cross paths at your new strategic partners.

    All the best for the merry Christmas Season.

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