What Tomorrows Business Leaders Will Learn at the Lake Home!

Santa just finished leaving The Canadian Lake Home™, and now I have some time to deliver this message in un-Santa like fashion!

(You will want to watch the video footage caught below, and see first-hand what Santa is ‘riding’ during this year’s Christmas season.)

I’m just getting ready for my one business acceleration intensive at The Canadian Lake Home™ on December 8th. I am super excited for what all the attendees are going to learn.

I am known for assisting each attendee in a one day intensive format to gain massive breakthroughs in re-engineering how each entrepreneur focuses and executes.

I will ask each attendee to track the new ways they execute in business that they aren’t right now. I will also be requesting them to track their exact results. Finally, I will want to know how many new deals they will be able to construct and how they will be able to use the templates and blueprints that I use (and so do my clients), to close more coaching deals and at the same time command higher fees.

Each of them has been vetted directly by me to ensure that those who are coming are quick thinkers, decisive decision makers and fast implementers. After all, if you are going to be a leader in your industry, you had better desire to do things differently.

Each of the attendees is super excited because they are ready! And as I like to say, when the student is ready, tomorrow’s teaching leader is here! Today’s market place favors –and places a premium on—the  ability to teach. This is what makes the Advisory Age such a great time to become the expert’s expert for your industry. The key is in understanding how to position and package your coaching advice as the pre-eminent leader in your market place.

This makes it so much easier to sign up new clients, increase your fees and also work with your key clients and strategic alliance partners to co-brand with you allowing you to move into new markets even faster. What you need to realize is that being an expert is simply not good enough anymore.

You see today’s coaching and training leaders play fast, but they also play long term.

Each of the attendees of the Christmas at The Canadian Lake Home™ Business Acceleration Intensive will witness exactly how I execute. They will learn new skills and the excitement will build because that’s how momentum works. How is this possible? They will begin to see themselves from a new perspective: as a leader and more accurately, as ‘the’ leader in their industry. The importance of this can’t be understated. All massive momentum begins with engineering a new perspective, an innovative viewpoint, and a superior paradigm.

And this is exactly what I want to run by you again. I want to encourage you that exercising some new implementation muscles will allow you to achieve unparalleled success. The key is to understand which muscles need to be developed and then coordinate your behaviors so you operate your business with the precision on an undisputed leader.

One of my ‘Speed-to-Market’ principles is this: “You look within for value; you look without for perspective.” This means that to expand your value, you need to position yourself directly in the center of your maximum influence.

My question to you is this: Are you creating influence or are you reacting to someone else’s influence?

This is an immensely important question.

In the Advisory Age it’s either compare yourself to someone else, or have others compare themselves with you. It’s super important that you realize in an over-crowded market place it’s vital to be the one everyone else compares themselves to.

Another way of looking at this is that life is either happening to you, or you are making life happen.

The central point is this: if you are the influencer, you are in the act of creating. If you are not, then you are being acted up. You are in the passive position. You end up becoming inconsequential with little to no influence.

The key difference between influencers (creators) and those who are acted upon and become inconsequential is simply two things: mindset and the system of execution you use in business.

Not only do we have to think, but we have to think smarter than our competitors. Not only do we have to execute, but we must do this a lot more strategically than our competitors.

Consider this: How many times have you, “I am not sure if I am ready?” Or perhaps your subconscious knows this refrain all too well: “Perhaps someday I’ll be able to do that”

You want the behaviors which produce the results, but you not sure if you can do it when it comes right down to it.

So you trick yourself in thinking that any actions are better than nothing. And the reality is that you are simply just being held hostage to a business model that leaves you feeling inconsequential, and what’s worst? So does your market place.

That’s why I am super excited about the One Day Business Acceleration Intensive. And that’s probably why Santa’s recent visit to the Canadian Lake Home™ also got the old feller so enthusiastic as well.

I want to encourage you to lose the bonds and step into freedom: Decide right now to step into the center of influence that allows you to create your pre-eminent status as a coaching and training leader.


Your Mentor,


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