(How to) Become the Expert’s Expert

I remember starting out as an entrepreneur when I was still a teacher 11 years ago.

It was scary. I didn’t know exactly what I needed to focus on. At that time, it was more of a desire to escape from my job than really knowing exactly what I needed to concentrate on!


I started out in business designing one of the first eBook authoring programs that quickly got ADOBE calling my fledgling company and wanting to feature our system.

I learned how to (on the fly) create my first consulting programs that then sold for $50k to just shy of $100k ($99k to be precise).

Through a series of circumstances that had a number of corporations seek my services to assist them to redesign their training/consulting/coaching programs into higher end services and then pitch them to prospective clients, I developed a unique system that today allows coaches, consultants and trainers to create massive momentum.

This allowed my start-up to enter over 45 different industries in the first year alone and learn and design a new way to pitch coaching and training programs that does not rely on any of the following:

  • No website
  • No professional copy writer
  • No product
  • Little to no experience in selling
  • No convoluted business funnels
  • No sale’s presentation

This is nothing like what most of the experts are still preaching today. (My clients tell me horror stories of how much money and time they have wasted in other programs which simply do not teach you what you must know and learn about becoming the expert’s expert in your industry.)

You MUST position yourself above all the experts in your industry if you want to not just survive but thrive in an over-crowded market place.

Just go to Amazon and type in a key word phrase that reflects your positioning and see how many thousands (tens of thousands of competitors) you have! (And it’s growing by thousands each month thanks to the ease of publishing a book today.)

What I want you to see is that merely competing in today’s market place is NOT enough.

You must be a lot more strategic to position yourself and your company at the front of your competitors.

Yes, it can be a little daunting—especially if you are a start-up. (The reality is, however, that if you are just starting and following my specific advice, it’s actually easier to make massive gains as you don’t have to unlearn prior poor performance behaviors.)

But if you have been following what my clients are doing, you will realize that this program is designed to assist you with focus and implementation in ways that you are not doing right now.

You have witnessed many of my clients becoming rock stars in their industry because they know how to position themselves as the expert’s expert or advisor’s advisor.

The net result is that in order to succeed, you absolutely must be more strategic in your execution.

Unless you learn to execute in ‘Speed-to-Market’ fashion, and learn how to command maximum fees and royalties for high priced programs, your ability to be a leader in your industry will be greatly reduced. The reality is you have virtually NO CHANCE of being the #1 authority in your field unless you begin to operate differently in business.


What if you could quickly eliminate poor performance behaviors and had a template that you could follow…my step-by-step process that has allowed me to grow one of the fastest growing coaching and training companies globally.

What if you could spend one very intense day focused on your business and learn my conversion systems, walk away with templates and tools which my clients use to pitch and close their coaching deals. (You can’t get this online today as everything is 100% proprietary.)

If you have been following my clients, you know that they are not merely rock stars in their industries now, but even more importantly, they have an ROIT (Return-On-Invested-Time) where they have the ability to start and grow their own non-profit companies and give back and build a legacy.

We all want to give back. We all want to grow a legacy of giving-back.

Knowing how to grow your business at an accelerated rate will allow you to do this.

I am so passionate about assisting start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs, I have decided to allow a couple of extra entrepreneurs who are new to me (perhaps you have learned about our system from subscribing to Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine™).

If you want to be a part of a new entrepreneurial uprising using a totally different and accelerated approach to business focus and execution, you can go here and get details about the business acceleration intensive at The Canadian Lake Home™.

Each person is personally vetted by me. Some of those attending are mentors of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine™. If you are committed to challenging your assumptions about success and willing to take focused outcome driven action, you will want to go here right now


Your Mentor,


Christmas at The Canadian Lake Home™ is not an event. It’s not a seminar. This is not a conference. This is a full blown, one day business acceleration intensive at a very exclusive setting that will reveal to you a completely new way of executing in your business saving you years of frustration trying to figure this out yourself!

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