Stranded on This Caribbean Island! (As Seen on TV)

Stranded on This Caribbean Island! (As Seen on TV)

NOTE: After you read the following post, don’t forget to watch three short videos I shot for you below.

One of the fringe benefits of having a company that I can run anywhere in the world, is that it gives my family and me a great opportunity to travel.

On my most recent trip, my wife and I and our youngest son took a cruise to St. Maarten in the Caribbean. (My other son went on a trip with a friend and his family.)

You might have noticed if you have been following me for any length of time how that when I travel somehow I tend to have a number of unique experiences! For example, twice in the past year and a half, I have experienced a hurricane during my travels. In fact, during this time I even experienced an earthquake while in Virginia Beach, VA. This unusual experience got my family on national television, as NBC TV picked up the local NBC affiliate interview of my family and our experiences with this historic earthquake.

Since I mentioned it, you can watch the interview and meet my family right here…

(Meet the Dietzel family on NBC Television right here.)

And now on our most recent trip (last week) we experienced yet another obstacle on our travels: our cruise ship, The Carnival Dream, broke down on the island of St. Maarten! Yes, we were on that ship! Now we didn’t experience any duress, no matter what CNN, CBS, NBC or ABC reported. In fact, we were able to spend a couple of extra days on a gorgeous island until we were flown home from St. Maarten.

The only disappointment we had was missing the 2.5 day cruise back to Port Canaveral, FL including the enjoyment of falling asleep at night with our balcony door open to enjoy the sea air at night.

One of the key principles I self-reflected on while traveling was on how much more I dream, and how much more momentum I feel about where I am going in life when I travel.

What if it were possible to experience these same kind of feelings of momentum in your business while working in the trenches everyday?

The good news is that it is. The key is to leverage a system—like my clients do—which will build this kind of momentum for your business. It is possible to move from sequential and chronological growth to make massive leaps of accomplishment and achievement in a very short period of time.

In other words, if you want to experience hurricane and earthquake type forces and momentum allowing you blow past what you thought was possible for your life and business, you are going to want to use a business acceleration system that will allow you to experience this.

Oh, before I sign off, take some time and look around the recently redesigned website. I have set this up to be the ultimate site for to assist you to build accelerated momentum for your life and business.

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Watch Each of The Following Videos (30 Seconds)

Glenn’s Message from Paradise Island…

Glenn’s Message from St. Thomas…

Glenn’s Message from St. Maarten…

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  1. The new site looks GREAT! And fun that you made the news with the local affiliate there too. That’s cool. It was shaking about “this much”.


    Great look for the new site Glenn!

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