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Critical Tools and Systems to Command Maximum Fees and Royalties

Are you ready to command maximum fees and royalties for high priced programs?

With an explosion of coaches trying to start and grow a business today, the vast array of competitors which you are competing against with is erupting like an active Mount Vesuvius. However, the new reality is the amount of business casualties is increasing faster than ever.  This means that your chance of growing a successful coaching and training company is greatly diminished—in fact, your chances of succeeding online are decreasing at unprecedented speed.

The net result is that in order to succeed, you absolutely must be more strategic in your execution. Unless you learn to execute in ‘Speed-to-Market’ fashion, and learn how to command maximum fees and royalties for high priced programs, your ability to be a leader in your industry will be greatly reduced. The reality is you have virtually NO CHANCE of being the #1 authority in your field unless you begin to operate differently in business.

This means it’s critical that you play to win BIG. With over 11,000 hours of working in the trenches with clients from over 120 industries during the past 11 years, here are specific recommendations you need to know right now about transforming your current coaching and training business into a multi-million dollar company. If you want to command #1 authority positioning in your industry, you probably will want to review what I cover here and begin a new plan of execution—quickly!

A WORD of CAUTION: The specific advice that I provide here goes against what most of the so-called experts are teaching today about creating and selling high priced programs.  (There are very specific reasons I am going to provide you why this is so.) So you need to be duly warned.

If you are unable to challenge yourself at the highest levels, or willing to acknowledge you are not executing in the manner that you desire, then this system is definitely NOT for you. Please don’t waste your time as my advice is only for coaching and training leaders who want to fully penetrate their market place.

If, on the other hand, you want to create and leverage a coaching and training company to command maximum fees and royalties, I am going to show you how to do this—and probably a whole lot faster than you think!

The following advice on how to command maximum fees and royalties comes from my track record:

So Who Am I?

  • Mentor to the world’s highest paid business coaches, consultants, experts and advisors
  • Have clients from over 120 industries and have sold multi-millions of dollars of coaching and training programs
  • Invested myself over three million dollars to provide you the surest and fastest way to create a 7-9 figure coaching and training business that reflects the new realities of the Advisory Age. What this means is that you are going to have to learn how to execute faster than your competitors.

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First of all, you will need to master a few particular skill sets so that you can position yourself and your company as the #1 Trusted Authority in your industry.

The good news is that I have created a predictable, safe and secure system to help you attract high end clients who pay you high end fees. Never again will you be held hostage to misinformation and bad advice. This means specifically:

      • No convoluted business funnels
      • No high priced copy writers
      • No experience
      • No leads
      • No cold calls
      • No sales’ presentations
      • No sales’ proposals
      • Little to no follow-up
      • Clients close themselves
      • Close the deal before you show them your service
      • No website or product
      • Least amount of work
      • Clients pay upfront

KEY: Understand how to educate new leads to sell themselves to you.


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If you want to make SPEED your Competitive Advantage, you are going to want to pay particular attention to what you will learn below.

Here are the 6 Methods to Fend Off Your Top Coaching & Training Competitors:

Always operate from a strong power position. Get your business fundamentals correct so you can grow your coaching and training company from a super strong base. You need scalable systems to increase your fee structure, royalty income and attract ideal clients. Access to cash flow is crucial as well as building a strong dual channel business coaching model –Active income stream (should be based on premium prices), and royalty streams to serve a burgeoning market place. The inverted business funnel leveraging assessment instruments, which accelerate learning and allow your ideal clients to select you over your competitors, are crucial.

Play to dominate and not just compete. The market is so crowded it’s no longer wise to just compete. You need to be a coaching and training company that leads everyone in your industry.  You want to dominate your coaching sector by building from strong business fundamentals. Your coaching and training systems need to be constrained by a wise business plan which allows you to run your company as the CEO of a 7 to 9 Figure coaching and training business. The Coaching Profit Projector Number™ allows you to create a strategic analysis of your business from two critical areas: Value and ROI (Return-On-Investment). It’s absolutely crucial that today’s leading coaches and trainers know how to run their coaching numbers. Charging what most coaches do (eg. $500-$1000/month for 3 or 4 coaching sessions) is a recipe for disaster. ‘Educate-to-Dominate’ begins with massive focus and execution on a few specific and highly specialized skills you will need to master.

Create a distinct and clear competitive advantage. Warren Buffet likes to buy companies which have a wide economic moat–a competitive advantage–supported by brand name, low-cost production, or pricing power that enables sustainability.  Today’s coaching and training leaders must have a strong personal and company brand from which USPs (market differentiation) are built. The Advisory Age which is upon us, and the new realities of this age, will provide coaches and trainers to stand out if they know how to triage problems and provide customized solutions to assist potential clients to make well informed decision about who to invest with. Speed must be a crucial aspect of your competitive advantage.

Be fanatical about building amazing service.  Today’s coaching and training leaders know that the service-based economy in which we now live will drive out competitors who don’t know how to deliver service and ROI. Begin with the key results which your ideal clients are after. What are the weaknesses in your top three competitors which you can exploit, and begin by building a bigger problem than your prospective clients realize and start solving their urgent problems? Superior education is the conduit to attracting great clients who know they need assistance with implementation.

Analyze for flaws and constantly improve. At the end of the day, execution is everything. Strategy on the fly which provides you direct marketing/feedback data will allow you to grow faster. Remember, your competitors are trying to put you out of business so think and execute like you have no time to lose.  The ability to create strategies, processes and tools is critical to explosive growth and market domination centered on a consultative process allowing today’s leading coaches and trainers to dominate their niche markets.

Do what others don’t do, can’t do, or wouldn’t think of doing. Today’s leading coaches and trainers know that they must be at the leading edge of what’s going on given the new buying realities of the Advisory Age. This means today’s leaders must invest in critical tools and systems allowing them to lead their industry.  This includes a consultative process that reflects how prospective clients want to hear about what you can do for them; assessment instruments that allow coaches and trainers to leverage an inverted business funnel approach to commanding maximum fees and royalties; an advisory based pricing model that reflects a coaches and trainer’s value, strategic positioning and ROI for clients; and a business model that provides the ability to leverage ROIT (Return-On-Invested-Time).

Ready to Lead?

The first action step is to clearly understand YOUR coaching profit projection number™. This will allow you to begin with the end in mind and see for yourself why it’s imperative for you to use the correct business acceleration systems to command maximum fees and royalties.

What’s Your Coaching Profit Projector Number™?

As I mentioned early, if you are going to repackage and reposition your coaching and training Intellectual Property (IP), it’s critical (READ: essential) that you master a few particular skill sets.

If you are going to focus on creating an ROIT (Return-On-Invested-Time) business, all your focus and execution must be directed away from outdated advice, and only focused on true business acceleration.

Are you ready to begin the journey?


It’s critical you know this number as it will better position you to quickly command maximum fees and royalties for high priced programs.

Three critical macro business systems you must leverage to be a coaching and trainer leader in your industry:

1. Coaching & Co-Branding™

2. Mastermind Monetizer™

3. Accelerated teaching and learning. 

NOTE: The key to ‘Speed-to-Market’ will be in leveraging these business systems with specific processes, tools and blueprints you will want to leverage.

All your IP will be repackaged following the specific guidance I provide you.  (You will get a chance to model and leverage exactly what I do.)

The desired results are two-fold:

  • Accelerate your company’s cash flow using business systems which provide you a faster way to focus and execute; and
  • Create case studies with your clients getting them the results they want faster so you can grow your company in a predictable and secure manner.

Our Coaching & Co-Branding program is a revolutionary dual approach to building your coaching and training business. This system will allow you to:

  • Create your own coaching and training company which allows you to command maximum fees and royalties and;
  • Dominate your coaching and training industry.


10 cobranding tips

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The Future of Coaching Business System:

A Three Step Business Acceleration Process to Command Maximum Fees & Royalties

STEP 1: Create Leveraged Profits

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Speed-to-Market
  • Create First Profitable Transaction
  • Increase Size & Number of Transactions
  • 5 Core Areas of Business Development
      • Value Creation
      • Value Delivery
      • Marketing
      • Sales
      • High Profit Margins

Here are the critical business systems that you will need to create so that you set yourself up to command maximum fees and royalties:

      • Use accelerated teaching and learning systems to increase your level of focus and execution
      • Create a Trusted Authority Platform  to command maximum fees and royalties for high priced coaching and training programs
      • Leverage three types of data generation to properly message advice and package programs and services making SPEED an important competitive advantage:
          • Marketing/Feedback Data
          • Problem Data
          • Product Data
      • Use the inverted-business funnel to create a Trusted Advisory Platform which leverages BtoB and BtoC relationships to increase cash
      • Create a leadership training company that provides the following:
          • Create two critical types of royalties (passive income)
          • Entrepreneurial Certification Process
          • Private White Label Coaching Program
      • Create business and teaching systems to ‘dimensionalize’ your value around key sellable assets (Begin with the end in mind.)
      • Create your Competitive Intelligence which allows for a two pronged approach to selling advice (Premium priced programs and royalty income streams.)
      • Build a presentation which deductively messages your Brand and USPs  & have prospective candidates sell themselves to work with you
      • Leverage Google Hangouts, LinkedIn, Webinars, Skype for maximum lead flow and conversion processes
      • Create ABPs (Advisory Based Products to instantly position high priced programs.)
      • Assessment instruments which leverage your Bold Prediction
            • You will need an ROI Metric Assessment which justifies premium prices
            • You will need a problem analysis assessment which attracts premium clients
      • A Bold Prediction which leverages your USP
      • A Keynote that allows you to close high end deals
      • A 10 Step Consultative Process
            • An educational based consultative process
            • Diagram out your CA (create a visual spatial representation for perfect message-to- market match with candidates.)
            • An Offer which reflects your ROI X Value X Strategic Positioning
      • An executive summary tied to an application process
      • Transform an executive summary into coaching and training agreements
      • A vetting process based on five core criteria
      • A marketing and follow up system ensuring open rates of close to 100% with potential candidates
            • SMS messaging service set up  to create 100% ‘pull’ marketing/educational system
            • Private client letter and video messaging
      • How to design a lead flow campaign leveraging the power of a full interactive text response marketing system to collect leads and run company from anywhere in the world
      • Run one day training intensives following Glenn’s luxury home coaching and training model (Mastermind  Monetizer™ systems.)
      • Templates, blueprints, agreements from which you can model for every area of your business so you can execute even faster

As STEP 1 is being leveraged, STEPS 2 & 3 (below) will be created quickly and modelled following exactly what Glenn and his clients are doing to create a highly leveraged training empire:
Create a leadership training company that provides the following:

        • Create two critical types of royalties (passive income)
        • Entrepreneurial Certification Process
        • Private White Label Coaching Program

STEP 2: Seven (7) Key Systems for Entrepreneurial Certification

      • A better business model
      • Client vetting process
      • Client intake system
      • Client services process
      • Client management system
      • Strategic vendors
      • Accelerated teaching/learning systems

STEP 2 is critical so that you understand how to repackage your IP into seven key business systems. This is really important if you want to make is so much easier to create and sell high end training and certification programs.

Yes, some coaches and trainers have created their own certification process. However, if you want to be the leader in your coaching and training industry, you will want to have a highly leveraged certification process. This means you will want to take full advantage of a new approach to creating a certification system for your company. This will allow you to do the following;

      1. Massively leverage STEP 1 to create the perfect foundation for two types of royalty income streams in STEP 2. (Crucial to create a time freedom business not constrained on trading time for money.)
      2. Use STEP 2 as the perfect bridge linking your coaching and co-branding programs (STEP 3).

STEP 3: Leverage Certification & Co-Branding

      • Organize $15K-$25K Certification & Training Programs
      • Create your own private white label coaching program
      • Create Your Multi-Million Dollar Training Empire
      • Achieve Maximum Valuation + Cash Flow

NOTE: In the Certification & Co-Branding Manifesto™: The Future of Coaching and Consulting I showcase an entirely new model for coaches and trainers to grow their businesses in an accelerated fashion as the #1 positioned leader within your niche market. I also explain why you definitely do NOT want to consider licensing or franchising.

If you are committed to success and know you have what it takes, then perhaps you will be eligible to work with me.

My programs have a queue as I am sure you can imagine. If you would like to begin the application process, you will want to use this orange button.

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NOTE: As you have probably seen some of the thousands of case studies I have, you know that I am very particular as to the type of candidate I accept. That’s why I have provided the advice above, so you too can make an intelligent decision to begin playing big.


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