New Business Coaching Manifesto On How to Access New Markets & Gain A Rush of New Clients

New Business Coaching Manifesto On How to Access New Markets & Gain A Rush of New Clients

Here is an excerpt from the Business Coaching Manifesto, Certification & Co-Branding Manifesto: The Future of Coaching and Consulting, that I just published.

My Prediction: This is going to change the face of coaching, consulting—any service-based online company—for the next 50 years as you will see.

Enjoy. And don’t forget to watch the short video of me standing on Lake Huron outside of our home with a short message for you at the end of this post.


It’s The Smartest Method to Building Wealth In the Past 573 Years!

Let’s examine what royalties really are by viewing the smartest method to building wealth over the past 573 years.

But first, consider this: In every industry there’s usually a ‘backdoor’ way to get paid OVER and OVER again for a single idea, property, or patent.

In the drug business, for example—and the one that I was very familiar with growing up, as my father worked as a credit manager for a large pharmaceutical firm in Canada—the big ‘pharma’ money is in patents.

After all the work is done developing a new drug, a scientist can partner with a larger company to handle the expenses and risks of testing, marketing, and distribution.

The scientist, or patent holder, gets paid for every prescription that gets filled. As an illustration, the person who established the common pain medication Lyrica, Richard Bruce Silverman, shares in more than $2 million per month because he owns the patents. Imagine that!

Rachel Fuller Brown and Elizabeth Lee Hazen, the women who owned the patents on the anti-fungal medicine Nystatin shared in more than $50,000 per month.

The drug industry is replete with lots of examples of how patent-holders have made a ton of passive income through strategic partnerships like this.

Suppose you were able to do something similar in your market place as an entrepreneurial coach or consultant? Imagine being the first in your industry to have this same power with your own coaching or consulting practice?

Suppose You Had the Power of Being a Tax Collector

Now, I know what you are probably thinking.  I just used a word where you probably do everything you can to avoid thinking about! Right?

However, what I want you to see is the Mainz Royalty Secret for coaches and consultants will provide you the power to do something you have never considered before.

The royalties I am discussing are like private sector taxes!

These royalties allow you to collect usage-based payments from one person or company, on an on-going basis, for the right to use your assets (your services).

For example, a royalty interest is the right to collect a stream of future royalty payments as in the examples I used above.

And in today’s Knowledge-Service-Based Industry, the Mainz Royalty Secret for coaches & consultants is the ultimate strategic method to get super wealthy as an entrepreneur launching and scaling your services.

You make only one investment… or control one valuable asset… and then get paid over and over again, while somebody else takes the risk of marketing, development, and distribution.

The really cool thing is it’s easier, faster and far cheaper to make this kind this investment, then to go out and develop a new drug, or purchase land to build a fractional real estate development or even write a book, or produce a record label, or anything like that!

You see, what I’ve found is there is an incredible (and low risk) way to use this secret as a coach or consult who wants to create a sustainable coaching and consulting company. In short, you want a massive payoff by doing business providing you a competitive advantage that your competitors don’t have. Not to mention that you will also create a new type of cash flow for your company—royalty interests from your IP.


NOTE: To read the entire manifesto, CLICK HERE to get the Certification & Co-Branding Manifesto: The Future of Coaching and Consulting. As well, you can also access the Multi-media training that is included including 10 Features of a Great Co-Branding Agreement.

If you want to see how I have sold millions of dollars of coaching online and what I teach my clients as the fastest way to sell $15,000 to $20,000 coaching programs, you are going to want to access this free multi-media training.

The most important skill that you can learn in creating and selling premium priced programs and services is knowing how to add strategy to your advice.

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  1. Well Glenn, I’ve never thought about something like this before and it does sound promising. Thank You for posting this as I will be looking into it further.
    Great Job

    • Hi John:

      Yes, the quickest and most strategic way to standardize your market place is through certification and co-branding. If you follow our step-by-step process you will be able to do exactly what our clients do. For the first time you can build a royalty structure with your advice.

      This is the best thing I have ever done in business and coaching!

      G. :-)

    • Hi John…

      Look, but don’t forget to take action.

      True learning only happens when you are executing in the market place.

      G. :-)

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