How to Create #1 Trusted Business Authority and Credibility (Replay)

On this week’s Google Hangout:

  • Instantly create leveraged authority and credibility… quickly be the leader even if you are just starting your coaching or training company

  • Trusted Authority Relationship building with your marketplace… how to re-engineer your advice to the new realities of the Advisory Age

  • Tools to drive massive desire for your services… and where you NEVER have to rely on salesmanship, copy writers or anything that is remotely ‘salesy’

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  1. Hi Glenn. Thanks for sharing your accelerated biz principles. ROIT is a great perspective. Application process on the front end is great idea.

    The 3 Tools to become a trusted advisor are great:
    1. Skype and Skype video, got it, check.
    2. Zoom. Got it, check.
    3. Google Hangouts. In development

    Thanks for your share. kMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    • Glenn Dietzel says:

      Hi Miguel…Thank you for your comments. ROIT is fundamental to grow your coaching and training business today. Speed-to-Market should be constrained by an ROIT model for your company.


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