Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Certification Program

I have a few free moments to publish this blog post to you between clients coming to The Canadian Lake Home to work with me. One of my greatest skill sets is in my ability to assist clients to create and sell their own high end mastermind and certification programs. Actually, many of my own clients launch their own premium priced programs at The Canadian Lake Home with my assistance.

I thought I would provide you five (5) reasons why you should consider having your own certification program.

If you want the ultimate business model for generating cash flow, lifestyle and status in your market place, you can’t beat my certification model.

1. It’s a huge positioning strategy. In essence a certification program allows you to standardize your industry.

Your job as an entrepreneur is to know how to create value that allows you to be easily contrasted with your competition. In business, potential customers decide to choose either you or a competitor. It’s an ‘either/or’ proposition.

If you have a certification program, you tip the scales in favor of you easier than being an author. A certification program allows you to define the rules for your industry. You make the decision-making process for your potential clients an easier one. You do this by influencing your buyers to choose you because you are seen as their advocate in ways that your competitors cannot be seen.

Zipf’s Law states that the market place will choose the company or person perceived to be on top of that industry. What better way to influence someone at the highest levels than having your own certification program?

2. It’s the perfect way to organize your advice into premium priced programs.

Traditional business funnels that lead with low end products have minimal success in today’s market place. It’s no wonder as this is the Knowledge/Service-Based Era. This means you should organize your advice into premium priced programs. The easiest and fastest way of doing this is using the positioning strategy of certification. The fastest way to make your company more valuable is to create programs and services which show your true value.

In this manner, certification is more than just a course that someone goes through, and receives a piece of paper. It’s an opportunity to attract the best clients in your industry, as well as attracting top tier coaches and trainers to assist you to move into new market places.

3. It’s one of the best ways to protect your business from competition.

As I stated in reason #1, you want to organize your advice as a company who creates the rules for your market place. When you generate the rules, you build positioning power that is hard to be beat. With the ease and in expense of publishing a book, it seems today that just about every expert has a book. With a certification program, you position yourself instantly ahead of your competitors—and you make it increasingly difficult for them to compete against you—especially if you leverage your certification program with a co-branding opportunity for your clients.

This is an opportunity to leverage your certification program and create two types of royalties for your company: 1. Monthly usage-based royalties (Your clients, trainers and coaches pay you monthly payments for long term assistance.); and 2. Lump-sum royalties (These are payments made to you by the clients, trainers and coaches who are certified by you to also use your systems with their own clients.)

4. It’s the fastest way to move into new market places.

As I tell my own clients, having my own certification program that is leveraged by a co-branded arrangement (a Private White Label Coaching Program) this allows me to move into new market places with my own team of clients, coaches and trainers. As I mentioned in reason #3, it also allow me to create two important revenue streams of income for my company.  It truly allows an unfair competitive advantage.

With a certification program, you achieve a different level of authority and influence which your competitors do not have. This provides very strategic positioning for you in your market. This, in turn, allows you to attract the best clients in your industry who are serious about business and who want to work with you long term in a co-branding arrangement.

As New York Times Bestselling authors Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman say, “Entrepreneurs must have a base of loyal customers who are willing to pay a premium price—it is even better if these people become advocates—thereby creating a large, loyal and vocal unpaid sales’ force.”

5. You get to ride a huge tsunami-sized trend.

Your clients want specialized knowledge. They want assistance, which means they want your services. They also want the security of knowing they can use someone else’s proven methods and systems in their business. Certification with a co-branding opportunity is what your market place wants. With few companies having their own competitive advantage like this, you can be the first in your market place. And the first in, means a decisive lead in positioning!

Picture the status that you will have with your own certification program. It’s not the big that eats the small anymore; it’s the fast that eats the slow. With status and speed as your competitive advantage, you position your company to maximize cash flow, not to mention improve the valuation of your company.

Your Next Strategic Business Action Step:

Two years I did the best thing I have ever done in business. I created my own certification and co-branding program. Below is a video which I filmed two years ago. You can watch it below.

Today, I use a number of locations to assist my clients to create and sell high priced programs. My clients’ favorite place, by far, is The Canadian Lake Home.

Just think about the kind of influence you are going to be able to create in your business when you can attract the kind of clients like I do.

Before you watch the video I created for my own certification and co-branding program, New Stealth Guru Model(TM), here is another of the thousands of clients my predictable and secure systems have influenced to become the business people they were meant to become.

To Accelerated Profits!

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Watch this video and make sure you check out my interview with one of my clients, Dave Stech.

(On an up-coming blog post I am going to release some video footage of what happens at The Canadian Lake Home. Wait until you see it!)


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