Private 1 Day Coaching Sessions at The Canadian Lake Home

If you want to play all out in business, you will want to do what Glenn’s clients do…  People naturally want to be close to the source of momentum.  It’s simple physics- the closer you are to the source of momentum, the faster your acceleration. Smart entrepreneurs know that taking a concentrated course of action towards a goal means getting there faster.

Here are some pictures of The Canadian Lake Home where we will be meeting for our Private One-Day Intensive:

Are you ready to play at the highest level in business?

Whether you are new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur, I have the business acceleration systems, and advanced teaching and learning processes to assist you to execute and make quantum leaps in just one intensive day with me.

You will have the ability to create massive momentum in your life and business. And you will get a chance to build an ROIT (Return-On-Invested-Time) business which all of my clients love because they are tired of working harder and want to act smarter.

You get to work with me at The Canadian Lake Home (if you qualify).

Each candidate is personally vetted by me—Glenn Dietzel.

Picture yourself getting more done in one day then in the past year. Many of my clients say I have saved them several million dollars going down the wrong path. But even better, you get a chance to use my predictable, certain and secure business acceleration processes to position yourself as #1 in your market place—even if you are just beginning to build your business!

If you want to dominate in your market place, you want to give yourself an unfair advantage—and that is working directly with me at The Canadian Lake Home.

Picture yourself knowing exactly how to create, sell and fulfill on a high priced program or service—just like I do!

Imagine if you could leverage my business formulas for creating your presentations across all platforms to close deals quickly? This includes over a cup of coffee, on the phone, during a keynote, in the boardroom, pitching in front of a large audience, presenting on a webinar or in educating your potential clients on a Google Hangout.

If you want massive momentum and leverage and you *know* the cost of experimentation is too costly.

Join Me In Creating Your Personalized Success System

You will walk away with a new source of motivation, inspiration and culpability for taking action that virtually guarantees the elimination of your top competition. This 1 day intensive will change the course of your business to a direct path to success from the comfort and privacy of one of my personal homes in Sarnia, Ontario.  I refer to it as The Canadian Lake Home. We will build on your strengths, identify your weaknesses and create a plan of ACTION that will outline everything you need to dominate your market in the next 60 days from edge of Lake Huron.

Some of the clients who have invested wisely in their future…

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      All Applications are vetted by Glenn himself. 

You will be sent an executive summary as well.


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