Breakthrough Business Consultation Process for Trusted Advisory Status (Part 4 Video)

NOTE: Ready to add a double espresso caffeine jolt to your advice? I want to assist you to make your advice ZING as the go-to coaching and training leader today—even if you are just starting out. (And yes, Part 4 of this mini-series, The 10 Step Business Consultation Process to Attract High End Clients Who Pay Premium Prices, was shot from the beach of The Canadian Lake Home™.)

If you missed Part 3 of this mini-series, go here now.

This 10 Step consultative process will allow you to run your coaching and training company in a way that allows you an ROIT business. (Return-on-Invested-Time is an important concept that you will want to leverage if you want to move away from charging by the hour.)

If you want to explode out of the gate with a completely re-engineered consultative process, you need to do things differently. And in today’s market you will want to know how to make SPEED your competitive advantage.

On this ‘Sea of Sameness’ video, I show you how to develop Steps 4 and 5 of your consultation process.

As you will know from our last three videos in this series, you NEVER (EVER) want to resemble your competitors. The new realities of the Advisory Age mean that your prospective clients are trying NOT to listen to you. And if they do, they are desperately trying to verify that you are irrelevant!

That’s why you need to know handle your consultations in a manner which mimics the way your potential clients actually want to learn.

The problem is that this process goes totally counter-intuitive to the way you have been schooled.

If you are ready to challenge your assumptions about success, and create an accelerated burst of consultative power, you will want to consume this Part 4 of this mini-series.

The problem is you are probably doing Step 5 and 6 right now as the first steps in your consultative process. And you are probably doing them all wrong on top of that. (I did too for 2.5 years, and it easily cost me at least $550k.)

As a powerful HINT to what’s in store for you on this video, STOP telling others what you can do for them. Instead, show them by incorporating the senses.

The more visually and spatially you can show your competitive advantage, the more powerful you become. This is because the human brain can only think in terms of moving pictures. (This means you need to know how to transform your advice, framed by your competitive advantage, into a visual and spatial power surge of clarity.)

Watch the video above and I hope this will make more sense to you.

In the next Sea of Sameness video (Part 5) I will move to Step 7 and Step 8 of The 10 Step Business Consultation Process to Attract High End Clients Who Pay Premium Prices.

If you are like most coaches and trainers, your real value is probably held hostage to an inefficient consultation system. This is why you experience the frustration of a longer sale’s cycle and downward business momentum. This is not a good position to be in if you want to maximum fees and royalties for high priced programs.

Stop working so hard. Let this breakthrough business consultation process do the work for you. When you employ this system you can begin to truly create the lifestyle business that you have always dreamed about.

I’m in your corner to support you.


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