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Glenn DietzelMeet Glenn Dietzel – Mentor to the World’s Highest Paid Business Coaches, Consultants, Experts and Advisors!

“My clients range from those who need to quickly reinvent themselves to clients who have built billion dollar companies.  My system shows you how to benefit from my highly accelerated formula for instantly positioning your ideas, advice and everyday ‘know-how’ into information products and services as the instant go-to, highly paid #1 expert in your niche.”

Glenn Dietzel is the Founder of Awakened, LLC, one of the fastest growing coaching and consulting companies today.  He has worked with several thousand entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and speakers over the past 10 years on how to create and sell premium priced programs and services.  He has created these systems from over 11,000 hours of developing execution strategies for clients from over 120 industries.

Glenn Speaking

Check Out What One Of Our Recent Clients Had To Say:

“Even though I’ve just gotten started mapping out my new business model and I don’t even have any marketing material put together yet, I followed your example and your advice and went out and sold my first small consulting package today for $5,200…They were THRILLED at the opportunity. Now I have clients wanting into my $50,000 to $350,000 programs!  WooHOOO!… I LOVE this new approach. I can’t thank you enough. You guys ROCK!”

–Brian Duvall, Callaway Virginia

Many of Glenn’s clients have used his processes to create and sell coaching and consulting programs ranging from $5,000 to well over $100,000.00! Imagine that!

Recently Glenn created a “first in the business world” and that’s how you can create your own CERTIFICATION and CO-BRANDING™ coaching program. Additionally his OMEGA MIND™, where clients discover how to command maximum fees & royalties for high-priced programs, has created a long list of clients who want to join today’s leading entrepreneurs who model his exact Coaching and Co-Branding™ and Mastermind Monetizer™ business acceleration systems.

Accelerate at OMEGA MIND™

Check Out What One Of Our Recent “OMEGA MIND One Day Intensive” Clients Had To Say:

“amazing 2 days … co-branding, your offer goes up, your value goes up, the amount of money you make goes up and the key things is we get to play together”

–Ted McGrath, CA, USA

Glenn Dietzel wants to show you his exact luxury home coaching and consulting business model at one of his OMEGA MIND™ Private One-Day Business Acceleration Intensives.  These chances to work directly with Glenn Dietzel are held at “The Canadian Lake Home”, “Las Vegas Sandcastle” and other luxury locations.  For more information please go here.

If you are interested in a system that will allow you to net high end clients in a predictable, certain and secure manner with conversion rates of 60% to 80%, then you will want to meet him at his next Private One-Day Business Acceleration Intensive. Click here to get on the early notification list as there is a huge queue and each OMEGA MIND One-Day Business Acceleration Intensive gets filled within 24 hours as you will see why.

Want to Find Out The Secrets Of How To Command Maximum Fees & Royalties For High-Priced Programs?

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