12 Hour Business System to Close 6 High End Coaching Deals (Case Study)

On this Google Hangout, Glenn interviews one of his clients to provide you specific guidance on building a world class coaching and training business:

  • HOW to execute a vetting process for your high end coaching/training programs which makes SPEED your competitive advantage. (Winton will share how and what he did in only 12 hours of actual execution time.)

  • WHY an entrepreneurial certification approach is the critical bridge for coaches and trainers to command maximum fees and royalties. (Winton will reveal what he has done to become the leader in his industry.)

  • WHAT new coaches in start-up mode, and seasoned coaches and trainers need to know right now about selling your advice as a trusted authority.

With an explosion of coaches trying to start and grow a business, the number of competitors that you are faced with is exploding. However, the number of casualties is increasing faster than ever. The chance for you to be a leader in your industry will be no accident when you know this.

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