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Business Coach Training: Why did Kenneth Invest in a High Priced Program?

On Monday’s Business Breakthrough Google Hangout: Here’s why this mystery person (an OMEGA MIND client) invest in a high priced coaching program when there is so much free information online?(Listen carefully to what he says coming from an IT consulting background focused on branding and market positioning for large corporations.) Listen, watch and learn from [...]

Business Coaching Training: Why did Linda Invest in a High Priced Program?

On Monday’s Business Breakthrough Google Hangout: Why would this mystery person (an OMEGA MIND client) invest in a high priced coaching program? (Listen carefully to what she says coming from a background of 25 years as a sales’ trainer) Watch and learn from an OMEGA MIND client what you need to know about starting and [...]

A New Way to Sell $300K in Coaching in 6 Weeks (From Scratch) Replay

I presented in a mastermind group the new way I sell coaching. It’s a significant investment to be part of this elite group, but I believe that investing in your business is the best investment that you can make as an entrepreneur. Everybody was blown away by my new business system that I shared on [...]

Win the July VIP Ticket to The OMEGA MIND™ Private One-Day Business Acceleration Intensive at The Canadian Lake Home™

Yes, I have one VIP ticket to squeeze you into my next intensive I am doing at a very exclusive setting. You will meet top flight entrepreneurs who are flying in from all over the globe. WHY:  I want you to experience my exact luxury home coaching & consulting business model by allowing you as [...]

Best Business Conference Training Model? (It’s the Future of High End Events)

  Want to see the best conference model to hold your own high end events? Check out what’s happening at the next Summer at The Canadian Lake Home Business Conference: Meet some of the hundreds of top flight entrepreneurs who have flown in to attend one of our One Day Business Acceleration Intensives? (You will [...]

The Best Coaching Training Model for Business Start-ups (Part II)

On Monday’s Hangout, you are going to learn Glenn’s model for doing business training. This is Part 2 and is the first time he has shared this publicly. Why this is the perfect model to command maximum fees and royalties How to think strategically about your coaching company to scale it into a world-class business [...]

The Best Model for One-on-One Business Coaching (Including Life, Career and Executive Coaching)

Glenn is going to share his one-on-one coaching model for the first time. It’s allowed him to command maximum fees and royalties for high priced programs. On this recorded Google Hangout… A superior model for doing one-on-one coaching — and consulting — which creates multiple streams of income (Think royalties & passive streams of income) [...]

What Goes On at The Canadian Lake Home Business Training Conferences?

By attending this Exclusive Hangout you will be able to: Meet some of the top flight entrepreneurs who fly in globally to leverage a new accelerated business model for coaching, consulting and training Get a sneak peek at what was covered in the June 9th business acceleration intensive Witness for yourself (with a tour of [...]

How to Create Your USP to Command Maximum Fees (Replay)

By attending this recorded Hangout, you’ll learn: “It’s not the big fish that eat the small fish, but the fast fish which eat the slow fish.” What a good USP (Unique Selling Position) is to instantly reposition your coaching and consulting services to command maximum fees and attract high end clients How to instantly create [...]