How to Create Masterminds for $25K and Higher

By attending this exclusive Hangout, you’ll learn: Why have a mastermind and how to command top fees and royalties from them. Strategies to quickly fill your mastermind. Why you don’t have to be an expert and how to get the best people in your mastermind.

Weekend Recommended Reading — Marketing

Here’s our Friday’s weekend reading for you. One of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs have is they have no idea how to price the value they bring to the market place. This article that I found on how to enhance marketing will help you understand why your offer is valuable to your customers and how beneficial it is to [...]

Stealth Strategies for Closing Million Dollar Plus Deals (replay)

On this hangout: I am going to interview one of my clients on how he is able to put together some really large deals very quickly. How to start big deal conversations and quickly get potential clients to have ‘big deal’ discussions with you. Some strategic tools to use to quickly engage your ideal clients [...]

Unstoppable Confidence in Business (Part 2)

On this hangout: Review of Part 1 from Monday, March 17′s Google Hangout How to leverage the FA2ST™ System for making profound changes in your life Learn how to change your habits which will dictate the kind of future you want in business NOTE: The FA2ST™ System is perfect for building new habits quickly-especially in [...]

The Perfect Coaching Funnel

On this hangout: The only funnel for maximizing your value and ensuring you never undervalue your advice. (Best for experts, coaches, consultants, and trainers.) A walk through of my perfect 3-Step system for designing a strategic conversion funnel. (How to intensify your value as the go-to expert.) How to ensure you become unbeatable in any [...]

Weekend Recommended Reading — Credibility

Here’s our Friday’s weekend reading for you. I found this article on how to create credibility really beneficial to myself and my own business. Credibility is one of those terms that we all know we want more of, and this article provided some really easy ways to obtain and increase your credibility. Particularly note the [...]

Unstoppable Confidence in Business

On this hangout: How to create confidence in yourself that translates into massive momentum The FA2ST System for developing irresistible confidence How to transfer prior successes to make any current situation a launch pad for something even greater in your life and business  

Accelerated Learning in Business (Part 2)

On this hangout: Principles to ‘Master-it-Faster’ in business to create premium priced training programs using accelerated learning. A Case Study of another of Glenn’s OMEGA MIND clients on how he uses accelerated learning to sell his $10K programs. How to focus and execute using the inverted business funnel. (Perfect for coaches, consultants, and thought leaders [...]

Accelerated Learning in Business

On this hangout: Discover what accelerated learning is and how to leverage it as a successful entrepreneur. A Case Study of one of Glenn’s OMEGA MIND clients on how he just sold 6 programs at $12k from scratch in only 12.5 hours. How to ‘Master-it-Faster’ in business to create your own high end training programs [...]

Certification Royalty Riches

Based on last week’s training, there have been a lot of questions that have been flooding my inbox, I am going to answer your questions on today’s Google Hangout. Catch Up On Last Week’s Training If you are interested in creating high end training, coaching and consulting services, you won’t want to miss this.