Business Coaching Training: Why did Linda Invest in a High Priced Program?

On this Business Breakthrough Google Hangout: Why would this mystery person (an OMEGA MIND client) invest in a high priced coaching program? (Listen carefully to what she says coming from a background of 25 years as a sales’ trainer) Watch and learn from an OMEGA MIND client what you need to know about starting and [...]

The Inside Scoop on the Coaching Industry

On this Business Breakthrough Google Hangout: -As the editor-in-chief of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine™, here’s what’s really going on in the coaching, consulting and training industry. -How today’s leaders are not just leading, but dominating their market places. (And how to know if you can do the same.) -How to get your advice featured in Lifestyle [...]

Huge Seismic Coaching Trends and How to Sell More of Your Services

On this Business Breakthrough Google Hangout: -What are the biggest trends in the coaching and training industry over the next few years, and how to spot and capitalize on them so you can sell more of your coaching and training services. -How to take over an industry, displace current leaders, in Speed-to-Market fashion leveraging these [...]

7 Critical Mistakes You Are Making With Your Coaching Business

On this Business Breakthrough Google Hangout: What seven key mistakes are killing your profit margins, and rapidly losing market traction to your competitors, and stopping you from commanding maximum fees and royalties. Why NOT knowing your coaching number is ruining your momentum. (If you want to focus and execute even faster as a leader, you [...]

12 Hour Business System to Close 6 High End Coaching Deals (Case Study)

On this Google Hangout, Glenn interviews one of his clients to provide you specific guidance on building a world class coaching and training business: HOW to execute a vetting process for your high end coaching/training programs which makes SPEED your competitive advantage. (Winton will share how and what he did in only 12 hours of [...]

7 Methods to Fend off Your Biggest Coaching Competitors

On this week’s Google Hangout… What you must know about how to compete and completely dominate your coaching and training business in the Advisory Age. (If you want to be seen as the leader in your industry you must know this.) Why it’s simply not good enough to know how to compete in the online [...]

SHH! A Little Known Secret About Business Dominance (Replay)

On this week’s G+ Hangout I am going to reveal something that I have only shared with my highest paying clients. Until now. SHH! A Little Known Secret About Business Dominance for Rapid Ascension to #1 In Any Market With Glenn Dietzel Fast Track Your Business Success Now! Until Now ONLY My Inner Circle Clients [...]

Breakthrough Business Consultation Process for Trusted Advisory Status (Part 4 Video)

NOTE: Ready to add a double espresso caffeine jolt to your advice? I want to assist you to make your advice ZING as the go-to coaching and training leader today—even if you are just starting out. (And yes, Part 4 of this mini-series, The 10 Step Business Consultation Process to Attract High End Clients Who [...]

[Case Study] How to Create an Executive Summary to Close High End Business Deals (Replay)

What? You don’t use Executive Summaries to Close High End Business Deals? Glenn Dietzel is going to teach you the FIVE RULES to creating an effective Executive Summary to snag the next high end deal. NOTE: Glenn doesn’t believe in opt-ins, no long funnels, and no hype or product launches. (This is about knowing how [...]

How to Build A HOT Credibility Pitch To Grow Your Business Empire (Replay)

NOTE: What if I showed you a way to pre-qualify your leads so that you close deals faster and quicker? Does that sound exciting? If you understand this is crucial to how your influence others to choose you, you are going to love some of the stealth ways my clients use to educate their target [...]